What makes Natsu’s bold flavor so unique?

When it comes to almond butter, Natsu stands out as bold and bursting with sweet and savory flavor. In our current lineup, we offer a wide array of six flavors that are unique and original including Cupcake Batter and Sweet Sriracha. These delicious flavors are carefully crafted to produce a boldly-flavored almond butter while still offering the nutritional benefits we have all come to know and love. Our flavored almond butter is unlike any other and if you want to take your meals to the next level with a tasty and healthy solution, look no further than Natsu Nuts!
So, how do we pull off infusing so much flavor in our almond butter? We start with harvesting our almonds locally only a few miles from our facility. After harvest, the almonds are brought to our facility and roasted with natural flavors. Rob, my husband and co-founder, is our flavor wizard and creates each recipe himself! After the flavor infusion, we stone-grind the almonds and hand-pack each jar just a few steps away from where I’m typing this. We store each jar in our cooler until they’re ready-to-ship ensuring you receive the freshest batches of almond butter. 
Have a favorite flavor? We’d love to know yours. Send us a DM or comment with the flavor your family cannot live without + we'll surprise one of you with a special gift!

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