Are you using local almonds?

Yes, we're located in the heart of California's Central Valley, and all of our almonds are locally sourced within 10 miles of our facility! 

How do you make your almond butters?

All of our almond butters are stone-ground on-site in our manufacturing facility steps away from our offices. We roast and grind our butters, then infuse them with our delicious flavors before hand-packing each jar. 

Where is Ballico?

Ballico is a small farming community in Northern Merced County, 8 miles east of Turlock.

Do you sell in grocery stores?

Yes, you can find us on local shelves throughout the Central Valley. Don't see us at your store? Let the staff know! We're always looking to expand our territories.

How many flavors do you offer?

We offer 6 different almond butter flavors at all time, but be on the look out for our crowd-sourced flavors releasing soon!

I noticed there's some additional space in my jar. Was it filled correctly?
We've designed our jars for a little over a 1/2" of headspace to allow for proper separation and avoid leaking. Our jars are always filled to the proper weight, but they will never be filled to the top of the jar.